Seattle Times

April 2015

Life is paint: Muralist Joey Nix enlivens the city’s walls

Nix took a circuitous route into art. Though he’d won an art contest on Vashon when he was a preteen, art didn’t become a focus until his early twenties. By then the ski bum and skater kid had become a house painter, and he’d started running with a small crew of artists in the early 2000s, watching and learning as he went. With the rest of the crew, he helped paint the mural on the Golden Oldies record store next to Dick’s Drive-In on Northeast 45th Street.

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King 5 News

April 2015

Mural tells Georgetown’s history

It’s an entire neighborhood’s history on one wall!

Brass Tacks Bar and Restaurant’s north wall tells the story of Georgetown from train and air travel to its Native American history to a local cartoonist.

Artist Joey Nix completed the work in four weeks freehanding with spraypaint.

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Seattle Magazine

March 2014

Ambitious Bar Food and Impressive Scotches at Capitol Hill’s The Old Sage

If one goes in expecting a bar—with the noise and the flashy scene (now the standard most nights on that stretch of Capitol Hill’s 12th Avenue)—then The Old Sage, with its open sightlines, dim lighting and murals by artist Joey Nix, is satisfying. Alongside its impressive selection of Scotches is a menu of ambitious, delicious food…

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Art Primo Blog

September 2013

Seahawks/Sounders Mural

(GR)So how did this mural came about?

(JN)A buddy of mine, Liam (who is the Hawks fan in the mural) got me the gig. He is a Bouncer at the hawks nest. A famous sports bar in Seattle, that happens to be right by the stadium. It’s parking lot is the closest, to the stadium to set up and tailgate at. The owner wanted a mural in the lot to solidify the bar and create a buzz in the area. So he asked around and here I am.

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Seattle Met

July 2013

Five Reasons to Get Excited About the Old Sage

Hello, there’s a spray-paint portrait of Arthur Denny. Sue me—I’m a sucker for founding fathers of the local and national varieties. This one, overlooking the lounge, is by local muralist Joey Nix, and Denny’s visage is…

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Nashville Arts Magazine

May 2013

Street Art, Graffiti in Belle Meade

The owners collaborated with Seattle graffiti artists Joey Nix and Jeff Jacobson, commissioning them to paint their visions on the outside of the house. Internationally known videographer Chris Word documented the creation of the piece. Nix and Jacobson spray-painted…

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